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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to copyright UK?

The Cost of our copyright cover (witness Service) is £19.99 per year subscription with unlimited upload capped at 20GB.

Can I put copyright on my work?

It is advisable this is done, you can write or put the copyright C , or a copyright notice. but by law you are not required. You can also use some of our digital logos on your websites and digital contents.

Does changing pitch avoid copyright?

Changing pitch does not void copyright, as this is considered a remix to avoid copyright infringement.

What does it mean copyright all rights reserved?

“all rights reserved” this is a formality statement meaning that the owner of the copyright, owns all the rights for use provided by the copyright law.

Are there any exceptions to copyright law?

The use of restricted amount of copyright material without the owner’s consent is categorised as an exception under law. Provided it is used for the caricature or parody.

What is not protected by copyright?

The following are not protected by copyright:
procedures, ideas, concept or any mere data , also news, press and any miscellaneous facts

Do I have to pay to copyright my work?

You do not have to pay to own your own copyright. As this is automatically copyrighted upon creation. But you can register a copyright to reserve the right in case of a dispute.

How long do copyright last for (UK)?

It depends on the type of work copyright expiry ranges from 25 years from, 25years from when first published to 70 years after the authors death.
According to Gov.UK
25 years from when it’s first published: Layout of published editions of written, dramatic or musical works

50 years from when it’s first broadcast: Broadcasts.
70 years after the death of the director, screenplay author and composer: Films
70 years from when it’s first published: Sound and music recording.
70 years after the author’s death: Written, dramatic, musical, and artistic work.

When I register my work, will copies be made available for access by members of the public?

Only you can give access to the public by giving them your unique reference number and a password to view your copyrighted work.

Why should I copyright my work?

To protect your work and stop it from been used without your permission. It is advisable to copyright your work.

What are examples of works that can be covered under copyright protection?

The common examples are

Novels , stories, poems , scripts, Articles
Programmes, Databases, Web and Mobile Applications
logos, letters, maps, plans
Photographs, paintings, drawings
Songs, Musical works (musical notations and compositions); films, Sound recordings; Broadcasts, Podcasts
Woodcuts, works of architecture, sculpture, craftsmanship.

How does UK Copyright Law protect your work?

Copyright protects your work and stops anybody (individuals and companies) from using it without your approval.

What are the List of Countries that our copyright Cover ( Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works)?

In 1886 at Berne , Switzerland. There was a convention of the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. Where an international agreement to govern copyright was first accepted.
The following countries signed the treaty and should respect our protection based on these laws.

How do I register my work If I chose to?

Registering your work is easy following these simple Steps
Choose service – upload file – confirm -payment

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit/debit card and PayPal. There is an annual subscription.

What do I do if my work is stolen?

Please contact the person/company to notify them to seize and desist with evidence of registration from CopyrightCover to remove content immediately. Alternatively, you can use Takedown service option if you want us to do this on your behalf. Also, if you require compensation for misuse, we can request this on your behalf.

What file formats can I register?

You can register any digital file format. E.g. JPEG, GIF, and PNG, Txt, PDF, Xls, MP3, AAC, Flac etc.

how do I cancel my subscription?

If you pay by Paypal, then you can cancel within you Paypal account.

Login to your paypal account
Click Payments Tab
Click Manage Automatic Payments
Select Copyright Cover Ltd
Click Cancel
Click Stop Pre-Approved Payments

Alternatively, you can contact us if you wish to discuss your cancelation request, if you wish to do so.

Is this a subscription or one off payment?

The subscription is a yearly payment reason been we have to cover our ongoing cost, server storage and security of your files. We would advise avoid a service that charge onetime fee upfront as this such of service takes your money and go burst after a few years. We have seen a lot of this in the industry and you will be left with no evidence in case of dispute and copyright infringement. As we are a yearly subscription you are rest assured that we will always be there to protect your copyright.

What if others want to use my work?

If someone wants to use your registered work, they are required by law to ask you for permission to do so. This can be verbal or via an email requesting for permission. It is advisable to have a written agreement. If you have found someone using your work without your permission and would require us to take it down. Please use the Takedown service to notify us.

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