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Protecting Your Copyright
Legal Proof of Ownership

CopyrightCover is a swift and secure copyright protection service based in the UK. Equipped with a dedicated group of legal experts and IT technicians, we ensure that our clients are fully protected from all modern threats and risk factors across the board.

In addition to quick and definitive copyright services, we also provide rapid deployment of unauthorised content takedowns and offer our clients several other integral tools. These include the provision of instant copyright certificates, use of our logo, watermarking options, and unlimited access to our . AES-256 encrypted Secure Vault, insulating all content against intrusion and theft.


Copyright in the UK
Protect Your Work Worldwide

We offer fast, reliable protection of all types of content, including but not limited to: logos, text, media, website material, designs, and artwork. The sooner you register a copyright, the better. Public domains and social media services such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Spotify, and Etsy are incredibly dangerous for unregistered work. Digital media such as photos, videos, designs, and logos are particularly vulnerable in these spaces and can be compromised incredibly easily -- not only to theft and free distribution, but to sale for profit by hostile actors and pirates.

As long as your work is unprotected, anyone who comes across it is free to copyright it themselves, at which point you would need to engage in litigation or a costly legal battle for a chance to the rights to your own work. In addition to risking ownership disputes, rampant content circulation can easily destroy profit margins. Copyright registration is an immediate concern for absolutely anyone who produces content or products of any kind.

CopyrightCover safeguards your content and products by the book under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. All our copyright registrations include unique, individual reference numbers to identify them, and our clients have access to our instant certification service -- this marks the time and date of the registration, so the owner and origin will never be reasonably disputable.

Why Us?

CopyrightCover is composed of highly qualified experts from across the legal and DRM industries. With hundreds of happy customers and more than [25 ] years of combined experience defending digital, conceptual, and intellectual property.

We have the expertise and experience to quickly resolve all types of infringement issues, but we also have the comprehension and capability necessary to prevent them from arising in the first place.

Legal disputes are inconvenient, difficult, and costly. Copyrighting your work is fast, easy, and affordable.

Don’t wait to protect yourself. Let CopyrightCover be your shield.

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Advantages we offer

[Confidential data storage vault]

All your work can be stored in our Secure Vault and downloaded at any time.

[Protecting yourself from content thieves]

Our vault is not only secure, it’s confidential, marked, and timestamped, insulating it against hostile actors.

[Professional takedown services]

We provide the fastest takedown service available in the UK to rapidly eliminate any and all content infringements, halting unauthorized distribution and spread as rapidly as possible.

[Instant digital certificates]

Free, internationally accepted digital copyright certificates.

[Free use of our copyright logo available for use]

Warn off potential infringements with our copyright protection logo.

[Copyright protection active in under 5 minutes]

Our nearly instant copyright certificates mean your content will never be at risk of dispute.